Financial and Management


We provide the financial guidelines which include:

  • Preparation of Pre-feasibility & Feasibility Studies of Industrial Projects & Financial Institutions.
  • Studying, reviewing, designing and implementing financial, costing and MIS system for newly established as well as existing companies whether local or international and suggesting solutions for the problems.
  • Internal Audit Management & Evaluation of Internal Control Systems of Clients.

Projects Privatization

We have been involved in privatization policy formation and advising Privatization Commission of Pakistan. On behalf of investors we carry out:

  • Due diligence of the projects offered for sale and report to the client regarding the prospects of the company.
  • Based on the report we also advise on the possible outcomes


We provide services to projects that face financial difficulties like unfavorable leverage, liquidity problems etc. The study carries out in following manner:

  • Brief market analysis of products of Client.
  • Incorporate realistic estimates of sales & prices for Financial Projections.
  • Detail study of Financial Information.
  • Study of existing capital structure.
  • Preparation of proposal for FIs / Banks.
  • Upon completion approach the Banks Separately to get their feed Back.
  • Joint Presentation to all the concerned Banks.
  • Follow up matter till a formal approval.

Accounting & Financial Information Systems

The Financial and Cost Accounting Services include the following tasks:

  • Designing and development of Accounting & Operation Manuals and systems for Financial & Cost controls.
  • Study of existing Financial & Costing systems for better control of business activities.
  • Develop accounting and financial MIS System to feed adequate information to various managerial levels for effectiveness of decision making.
  • Assisting the clients in preparation of financial statements and management reports to comply with requirements of relevant laws.

Projects Evaluation

Project Evaluation for Acquisitions, Mergers to ascertain economic viability of these decisions which normally covers:

  • Productivity and Performance – Study of the project and comparison with similar industry;
  • Technical Evaluation of Plant and Equipment, Building and other project assets;
  • Project Valuation using most commonly techniques.

Foreign Investment

We advise foreign investors and criteria for such specialize services would be:

  • Performance in industrial sector
  • Style of Management
  • Primary & Secondary areas of business interest
  • Technical & Financial soundness
  • Market image